Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find out the answers to the most popular questions about valorant boosting.

Main questions
Valor boosting questions

What action will be initiated after payment?

You will be readdressed to our website, where you will go through a quick process of account registration. Thereafter, you will be adressed to our customer area, where you will have to provide your valorant login details. Meanwhile your order will be open to claim for our boosters. When booster confirms an order, the boosting process starts. Generallly, this process doesn't take more than 5-10 minutes.

Valor boosting questions

Who will boost my account?

We hire players with an immortal rank or even higher only. The accounts of potential candidates are carefully screened to ensure that they really achieved the required ranks. Moreover, we absolutely disapprove any toxic behavior and the boosters, who maintain such an activity, lose their place on our service without delay. We also value the privacy of our clients, hence chatting with client's friends without notifying him is strictly prohibited.

Valor boosting questions

Can you tell me about your Refund Policy?

We are always ready to make a full refund if the order has not been started yet and you for whatever reason have decided to give up our service. If we already started boosting your rank, we will be able to calculate a full refund. We do not require money that we don't own.

Valor boosting questions

Can my account get banned?

At the moment, we have not encountered bans for rank boosting yet. Based on experience of boosting in the league, we can say for sure that bans are incredibly rare.

Common questions
valor boosting questions

For how long does the boost process continue?

The boost speed with normal MMR is pretty high and most of the orders are generally completed within 24 hours. If the MMR of your account is low and you need just 5-6 games with high KDA to get a promotion, then a rank boost may demand more time.

valor boosting questions

I would like to play on my account during the boost. Is this possible?

Yes, this is possible. You have to warn your booster or set your boost on pause. Furthermore, you shouldn't play ranked games thereby disrupting the boosting process. If you are going to log into your account, please ask the booster first, whether he is currently playing on your account.

valor boosting questions

In what way should I contact you if I need support?

Our support service works via Facebook messenger, contact form on the site and being our customer you may text our admin just via customer area. Our support service works 7 days a week. Generally, we respond any time soon, however the time period may vary from a few minutes to 12 hours. It depends on the workload of our support service at the moment.

valor boosting questions

May I change my booster?

If you find our booster is not the right fit for you for some reason, contact our support service and we will help you to change your booster with pleasure. If there is any problem with the booster, then don't hesitate to let us know.

valor boosting questions

On what servers is your service available?

We work on all servers.

valor boosting questions

In what way can I communicate with my friends while boosting is on?

Sure you can ask your booster to send messages just for you. He is well aware that such a request may come in, since such procedure is an ordinary thing for boosting process.


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