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Featured Review HMN valorant confirmed review Verified Review
Silver III
Gold II

Order was rated without description.

Featured Review Yuri valorant confirmed review Verified Review
Gold III
Platinum I

This booster was pretty good. Gets the job done fast and simple. However, very small problem when it came to communication the tipping. I had to tip and extra 15$ because the booster won a few extra games w/o my permission. I do appreciate extra RR, but I would like a follow up before I receive extra service. Boosting 5/5, Communication 4/5, Service 4.5/5

Featured Review R≡DDHOODI≡ valorant confirmed review Verified Review
Platinum II
Immortal I

Very fast and very polite! Would definitely recommend to others. However, my friends list did get completely cleared during the order. Unsure if it's a bug as I've never seen it before, so just be warned.

Valor Boosting Team

Awesome customer! Thanks for your order!

Featured Review Ren3gade valorant confirmed review Verified Review
Gold III
Platinum II

Very polite, very very fast!! it didnt feel like talking to a machine or smth, he wrote like a partner not like a man i paid for service if you know what i mean. it couldve had a little just a little bit more information of the progress here and there but thats complaining on a very high niveau. he was great and delivered way before the ,,deadline''. was a pleasure to have him at my service.

Valor Boosting Team

Glad you liked the service, thank you!

Featured Review Rubidiums valorant confirmed review Verified Review
Platinum III
Diamond I

didnt play the agents i selected, but played an extra game so pretty efficient boost

Valor Boosting Team

Thanks for your order! Glad everything went well!

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