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We collect feedback from our customers and most of them are satisfied with our service. We want you to see this yourself by reading them.

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Featured Review faintghost overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Platinum II
Diamond I

Fizzas was very professional and completed the challenge in the given time. Really appreciate him communicating enough with me so I dont get anxious haha. Great service, loved it! Will be back soon enough for more.

Valor Boosting Team

Amazing review. Fizzas is a great player and nice person. We really appreciate your feedback and the fact that you have chosen our service!

Featured Review H3nt41 overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
1 game

Was great, sad that they lost one game but not really much they can do about it since stuff like that happens. Wished they told me the order was done instead of me having to check another site to see my match history, however I believe they would communicate that if I would have asked. Other than that this still is the best valorant boosting site.

Valor Boosting Team

Yeah, game can go different ways, but we always do our best and tryhard! ty!

Featured Review celery overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Platinum I
Platinum II

probably the best booster out there. i asked if i could get a small boost back up to plat 2 because i wanted to get it done before finals ended, and since he favored my skins he added extra! id totally recommend this booster to anyone

Featured Review MZMZ overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
3 games

He's so kind and good person , he's my favorite booster in this site , every time he complete the order very fast and he's so respectful , i love anyone like him hard worker and nice person, thanks for your service.

Valor Boosting Team

Thanks for kind words sir!

Featured Review brrrito overwatch confirmed review Verified Review
Silver III
Gold III

FXtrt was extremely fast, polite, funny and courteous. Played outstandingly and kept me updated throughout my order. I'm extremely happy and thanks again! <3

Valor Boosting Team

He's an awesome guy :P Thanks for review and rate!

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